About Lyxresan Travels: A word from our founder

Welcome to Lyxresan Travels. We get you most bang for buck on all your trips.

Many of the world’s leading hotels do not publish their best rates publicly. Instead, to attract a certain type of traveller, they offer VIP rates that give special benefits and discounts to customers who book through a luxury travel advisor. I founded Lyxresan Travels to give access to these rates to everyone.

I’ve spent the last ten years travelling the world in luxury, always making sure I get most bang for buck. In 2016, I founded the Swedish luxury travel blog, Lyxresan (Swedish for ‘Luxury Trip’), to help educate Swedes on the benefits of aspirational travel. My interest within the world of luxury travel led to me starting to handle travel arrangements for a select group of customers three years ago; and in 2022, I decided to launch Lyxresan Travels to help even more people with their travels. 

The decision to launch Lyxresan Travels came from my deep interest and love for luxury travel and hotels in particular. I personally stay close to 100 nights in some of the best hotels in the world yearly. Through Lyxresan Travels, we offer access to VIP rates that give you benefits and discounts. We also leverage our relationships with hotels to make sure every single stay becomes a memorable one. Given my background and interest in points & miles, we also make sure that we take into account any loyalty preferences you may have. All of this is offered to you without you needing to pay more.

Today, we work with customers across the globe, across all budgets and preferences. Some of our customers want us to handle their travels from scratch, others simply want to get access to the very best rates that offer the best benefits. Regardless of the type of traveler you are, we can help and make sure you are given the very best care on your travels. 

95% of our customers return for new bookings. I hope to be able to help you on your next trip! 


Damon at The Bodrum EDITION
Our founder, Damon, on a trip to The Bodrum EDITION

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