Everything you need to know about Hyatt Privé: VIP benefits worth hundreds of dollars for free
May 5, 2024

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Hyatt Privé is a program where invited luxury travel advisors, like us at Lyxresan Travels, can offer exclusive benefits – such as free breakfast, confirmed room upgrades, hotel credits, free night offers and VIP status to their clients when booking stays at any of the 300 Hyatt hotels worldwide participating in the programme.

Despite not being as large as Marriott and Hilton, Hyatt is a hotel chain that has invested heavily in the premium and luxury segments with strong brands like the luxurious Park Hyatt, trendy Andaz, and boutique chain Thompson Hotels. We can find charming boutique hotels like The Beekman in New York and the trendy Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills in Tokyo as part of Hyatt’s growing luxury portfolio.

By booking through Hyatt Privé, you get stronger benefits than even having top status in Hyatt’s loyalty program. You can enjoy VIP benefits worth several thousand dollars, including free breakfast, confirmed room upgrades, welcome gifts, and hotel credits. You’ll also get exclusive access to discounted offers, such as third/fourth/fight night free at select hotels.

In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know about the Hyatt Privé program. We’ll cover the participating brands, what the benefits look like, and how to get the most out of the program.

What is Hyatt Privé and what are the benefits offered?

The Japanese gem Park Hyatt Kyoto participates in Hyatt Privé and currently offers the fourth night free
The Japanese gem Park Hyatt Kyoto participates in Hyatt Privé and currently offers the fourth night free

By booking your next stay at a Hyatt hotel through Hyatt Privé, you can enjoy exclusive benefits. The benefits vary depending on which of Hyatt’s brands you choose to book. Certain hotels may choose to go beyond the benefits listed below. By contacting us, we can always provide exact details of the benefits applicable to the hotel or destination you are interested in.

Hyatt Privé Benefits:

  • Daily full breakfast for two people
  • Room upgrade to the next room category, confirmed within 24 hours of booking (upgrades occur from room to room and from suite to suite) – subject to availability at the time of booking
  • Hotel credit of $50-$100 USD (varies by property)
  • Early check-in and late check-out, subject to availability
  • Welcome gift
  • VIP status throughout the stay
  • Discounted offers, such as third/fourth/fifth night free

It’s worth noting that Hyatt Privé prices usually correspond to the most flexible prices offered by the hotel. These are rates that are very flexible and have the most generous cancellation policies that the hotel offers. The majority of Hyatt Privé hotels offer free cancellation up to a day or two before check-in.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, a good agent should also work directly with the hotel to ensure you receive the best possible treatment during your stay. Our team at Lyxresan Travels have spent many years in the industry and know many of the management teams at Hyatt Privé hotels, and we work directly with their teams to ensure they go the extra mile for you as a customer.

What brands participate in Hyatt Privé?

La Zambra Resort, The Unbound Collection is one of the boutique hotels participating in Hyatt Privé and offers the third night free
La Zambra Resort, The Unbound Collection is one of the boutique hotels participating in Hyatt Privé and offers the third night free

Hyatt Privé benefits apply to the following Hyatt brands:

  • Park Hyatt (all hotels)
  • Andaz (all hotels)
  • Miraval (all hotels)
  • Grand Hyatt (select hotels)
  • Hyatt Centric (select hotels)
  • Hyatt Regency (select hotels)
  • The Unbound Collection (select hotels)
  • Thompson (select hotels)
  • Alila (select hotels)
  • Joie de Vivre (select hotels)

Is it more expensive to make bookings via Hyatt Privé?

Hyatt Privé rates usually correspond to the hotel’s ‘Best Available Rate‘, which are the most flexible prices the hotel offers with the most generous cancellation policy. In practice, this means that the hotel may offer lower prices with a stricter cancellation policy – for example, a non-refundable booking, or prices that offer worse or no benefits at all.

That being said, it’s worth noting that Hyatt Privé also offers promotions at selected hotels where you have the opportunity to get the third, fourth, or fifth night free in addition to the benefits, which often makes it the lowest price the hotel offers. In cases where the Hyatt Privé rate is slightly higher than the hotel’s lowest price, it may still be worth booking the Hyatt Privé rate as the benefits such as breakfast, credit, and upgrade often exceed the value of the price difference.

Example: Great Scotland Yard, London

Great Scotland Yard participates in Hyatt Privé and is one of the most popular Hyatt hotels in London
Great Scotland Yard participates in Hyatt Privé and is one of the most popular Hyatt hotels in London

Let’s look at three nights in July 2024, where the Hyatt Privé rate totals £2001 GBP.

However, there is a cheaper price at £1713 GBP. This means that the Hyatt Privé rate for these dates is £288 GBP more expensive than the hotel’s lowest price. However, there are some important differences between these two prices that make it worthwhile to consider booking the Privé rate despite the higher price.

The lower price is non-refundable and does not include any benefits, not even breakfast. The Hyatt Privé rate, on the other hand, is fully flexible up to 2 days before check-in. It also includes breakfast, a $100 USD credit (approximately £80 GBP), a confirmed upgrade to the next room category, early check-in and late check-out, welcome gift and VIP status. In addition to this, you get unparalleled flexibility as you can cancel without penalty should plans change.

As mentioned earlier, many times the hotels also offer additional discounts. If you stay at Great Scotland Yard on the same dates but stay one night longer, you get the fourth night free. In practice, this means you get a 25% discount on your stay. The Hyatt Privé price per night then becomes £500 GBP instead, making it cheaper than the cheapest non-refundable price without benefits, which costs £571 GBP.

Free night offers: Third/fourth/fifth night free

The popular Andaz Mayakoba in Mexico currently offers the fifth night free via Hyatt Privé
The popular Andaz Mayakoba in Mexico currently offers the fifth night free via Hyatt Privé

In addition to the fantastic Hyatt Privé benefits that apply to all stays, Hyatt also often offers deals at selected hotels where you get the third/fourth/fifth night free. Our experience shows that at least 50% of all Hyatt hotels globally offer some form of Hyatt Privé discount.

Right now, for example, the trendy luxury hotel The Beekman in New York offers the third night free, Andaz London Liverpool offers the third night free plus an additional $100 USD in hotel credits, and Andaz Mayakoba in Mexico offers the fifth night free.

In practice, this means that you can get up to 33% off when staying at Hyatt Privé hotels and also get fantastic benefits like breakfast, credits, upgrades, and VIP treatment:

Third night free33% discount
Fourth night free25% discount
Fifth night free20% discount

To see which hotels offer discounts at your destination, contact us for free below, and we will provide you with the current discounts.

Hyatt Privé in combination with Hyatt status

One of the great things about Hyatt Privé is that this program is operated by Hyatt themselves and is offered through luxury travel advisors. This is an important detail because usually, you don’t earn World of Hyatt points or status nights when booking other than directly through Hyatt’s website. However, Hyatt Privé is an exception to this rule – booking through Hyatt Privé is just like booking directly through Hyatt.

In other words, you get all the status benefits and earn points just like usual when you book Hyatt Privé. Additionally, you also get fantastic benefits and discounts on top of that. It’s a win-win situation.

The value of booking Hyatt Privé rates as a Hyatt Globalist

Many of our customers are Hyatt Globalists today, and our experience shows that you generally get much better treatment from the hotels when you book Hyatt Privé than if you had booked in any other way. You generally get better upgrades, and the hotels do their best to go the extra mile for you.

A good agent also coordinates directly with the hotel to ensure you have the best possible stay when booking through Hyatt Privé.

That being said, there are some important differences between the status benefits you get as a Globalist and the Hyatt Privé benefits. You still get a lot of value from booking Privé:

  • The credit of up to $100 is unique to Hyatt Privé
  • You get a confirmed upgrade within 24 hours of making your booking, as opposed to Globalist upgrades which only apply upon arrival
  • You get complimentary breakfast, whereas at hotels with a club lounge, you only get breakfast in the lounge
  • You receive a welcome gift
  • You can take advantage of unique Hyatt Privé discounts and promotional offers such as the third/fourth/fifth night free, and in addition to this, you may receive additional benefits at selected hotels
  • Hotels generally take much better care of customers who both book Privé and have Globalist status

We always recommend comparing Hyatt Privé rates with the lowest prices the hotel offers to find what suits you best.

Customer Example: Hyatt Privé stay at The Beekman in New York

The Beekman in New York is a very nice boutique hotel that also offers the third night free
The Beekman in New York is a very nice boutique hotel that also offers the third night free

We recently booked one of our customers at the trendy boutique hotel The Beekman in New York. This hotel currently offers the third night free. The customer chose to stay six nights at The Beekman, thus getting two nights free at the hotel.

They booked their stay in the hotel’s King Bed Premium room, where the total price amounted to $3256.94 USD after the two free nights were taken off. The price included breakfast ($70 credit per day), a $100 credit to be used during the stay, early check-in and late check-out, a welcome gift, and we also managed to secure a confirmed room upgrade for the customer to one of the hotel’s suites at the time of booking. The booking was also flexible until the day before check-in.

For comparison, the cheapest price the hotel offered was a non-refundable price without breakfast or any benefits, which amounted to $4339.69 USD. In other words, the customer saved close to $1100 USD on their stay, got a fully flexible booking, and a range of VIP benefits.

Frequently asked questions about Hyatt Privé

Is there a minimum stay requirement for Hyatt Privé benefits to apply?

At Park Hyatt and Andaz hotels, the benefits apply regardless of length. For all other brands, a stay of at least two nights is required for the benefits to apply.

Do you earn points as usual when booking through Hyatt Privé?

Of course! You earn points just like usual and receive status nights for your stays.

Can you use your “Suite Upgrades” when booking Hyatt Privé?

Yes, as soon as the booking is confirmed, you can apply your Suite Upgrades directly through Hyatt.

Is there a cost to booking Hyatt Privé rates through you?

No, we don’t charge any fees as we receive a commission directly from the hotels.

Can you rebook an existing reservation?

If you have an existing booking, we can always see if we can rebook it for you and add Hyatt Privé benefits. Send us an email, and we’ll look into it for you.

Do certain hotels offer benefits beyond those listed in the article?

Yes! Selected Hyatt hotels may offer additional Privé benefits, such as higher credits and discounts like the third/fourth/fifth night free. Contact us and we’ll provide you with all the benefits and prices applicable to your destination.

What is the difference between this and Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts?

The two programs are similar, but the major difference is that Hyatt Privé offers significantly more hotels and often has better discounts than Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts. Finally, with Amex FHR, you don’t get a luxury travel advisor to coordinate your stay with the hotel, which you get when you book through us.

Why does Hyatt offer this program?

The short answer is that Hyatt wants to attract luxury travelers and encourage them to book directly through Hyatt’s own programs rather than booking through booking sites like Booking.com. Therefore, they have partnered with selected luxury travel advisors to offer benefits when booking through their own program.


Hyatt Privé is a fantastic program that allows you to get even more out of each stay at Hyatt’s luxury and premium brands like Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt, and Hyatt Regency. You get access to fantastic benefits like free breakfast, confirmed upgrades, credits of up to $100, and more. Additionally, you also get discounts of up to 33% at selected hotels. The program offers a lot of value even if you have World of Hyatt status, as Hyatt Privé benefits combine with your status benefits to give you the very best hotel experience. Click here to get a free Hyatt Privé quote from our team.

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